For standard analysis see Curated Jupyter Notebooks.

This is a collection of Jupyter notebooks demonstrating the use of the mosaic package. These are not meant to be representative of all the functionality of the package, but rather to provide a starting point for users to explore the package and its capabilities. The notebooks are meant to be read in the order they are listed below, as they build on each other. The objective is to explain the package architecture to enable the user to create their own custom plots and workflows.


load_example_dataset() is used in various vignettes. This downloads a small example dataset from the Mission Bio GitHub. It can be replaced with load() to load a dataset from a local directory.


Vignette Link



Overview of the package and its functionality


Filtering the data and plotting the results


Plotting copy number data

Plot customizations

Options to customize the plots

Multi sample analysis

Performing multi-sample analysis

Additional plots and code

Additional plots not directly available in mosaic.

Code snippets

Snippets of code showcasing various features of the package